Clear Your Desk : Clear Your Mind

Alternate Title: Cigar Boxes as Desk Organizers: Clear Your Desk : Clear Your Mind

Because I spend so much time at my desk, I’ve become an expert in creating a great workspace. Keeping things organized with actually help you organize your thoughts.

Having quick access to important tools is critical. Less time wasted looking for things means more time to concentrate on important work – or more importantly, having fun after work – and ideally, ending the work day early!

Over the years, you’ll add items to this list,  and it’s best to stock quality items – and keep them in one place, within arms reach. This is where empty cigar boxes come in – they are wonderful for organizing your desk items in an elegant and very functional way. Keeping the box on your desktop makes it easy to quickly clear clutter when you want to focus on an important project, or just do a quick clean up of your work area. Keeping your desktop (actual  desktop, not computer desktop) clear, helps to clear your mind.

I’ve taken a sample photo of some of these items – of course, it gets much messier than the picture, but I’ve done this for illustration purposes.

Things every man should have on his desk

Keep Frequently Used Tools Within Arms Reach and your productivity with Soar.

In order to truly have what can be considered a really great desk, you must have easy access to essential tools within arms reach.

In the box, from top left to right, we’ve got:

  • A good gas lighter
  • Strong mints for fresh breath in an instant
  • Two good pens – one sharpie for heavier tasks like marking boxes
  • Aspirin or Tylenol for headaches
  • Glass / Glasses cleaner for screen cleaning & cleaning glasses
  • Gum
  • A Leatherman tool
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • A deck of cards
  • A good Husky blade for opening boxes and tough packaging
  • A tape measure

I guess this is somewhat of a public service announcement almost.

Do you have some additions to what should be in this box? We’d love to hear about it!

Desktop Cigar Boxes Reaching Critical Mass

One problem you run into when you’re selling cigar boxes is that it’s easy to keep falling in love with more of them. While walking through the stock room of empty cigar boxes, I find myself frequently stopping to take a closer look at the artwork, the shape of a box, it’s clasps . . the quality of the wood . . the smell . . the colors . .

The next thing I know, there’s another one on my desk.

I am having no problem finding things to put inside and for some reason, it’s so easy to remember what I put where. One for wallet, keys and watch . . . One for quick access to a knife / bottle opener, USB keychains, coughdrops. One for letters and incoming mail… outgoing mail.. another for important keepsakes… the list goes on and on.

Anyway here’s the latest picture from the workshop desk, along with a slightly sexier wooden box – my brand new (All Mahogany), Martin S-1 Ukulele!

uke with cigar boxes

Learning From My Mistakes

While in the process of creating this website, a couple of boxes ended up sitting on my desk – one in particular, a wooden, Punch cigar box with paper accents on the trim, found a spot underneath one of my monitors and stayed there for a few days. I found myself looking at it frequently and really started to love  it.

Upon checking the company email, I was surprised when an Australian customer had purchased 5 of our boxes. As I went about filling the order, I was shocked to realize that one of his purchases was MY Punch cigar box!

I find the artwork on the edges of these boxes super-beautiful – so much so that  (spent way too much time) I recreated the side-edge artwork in illustrator to use on this website – at some point. As you can see, it’s been customized for

cigar box artwork in illustrator vector art

I considered emailing him to let him know that I couldn’t sell it, or to tell him that we sold it already — then I realized, he deserved to have it – and it’s shipping out tomorrow, to Australia.

Of course, I needed a replacement box for the spot underneath my monitor – so I went through the inventory and found it’s replacement – another (smaller but taller), Punch brand cigar box!

cigar boxes for sale

This time, I’ve removed it from our inventory – sorry, but this one is not for sale.


Things to do with empty cigar boxes

If you’ve got your hands on a beautiful cigar box and need some ideas for what to do with it… we’ve done that for you. It’s amazing what people come up with. Check out these ideas and also, please share your ideas with us!

B.B. King with a Cigar Box Guitar / Cigar Box Lamp

B.B. King with a Cigar Box Guitar & A Cool Cigar Box Project Lamp

  • Make Cigar Box Guitars
  • Create your own Cigar Box Ukelele!
  • Make a Cigar Box Clock – like this guy | this guy
  • make a Cigar Box Amplifier
  • Desk storage – hold your wallet, keys, watches and more!
used cigar boxes emtpy, An Elegant Personal Belongings Cigar Box & A Chest of Cigar Box Shelves

An Elegant Personal Belongings Cigar Box & A Chest of Cigar Box Shelves

  • Pen & Pencil Holder Cigar Box
  • Use as a change holder
  • Medicine container
  • Simple storage – nails, nuts, bolts . . .
  • Letter and Mail holder Cigar Boxes – wide ones 11″ and over
cigar box drawers

Assorted Cigar Box Shelving

  • Assorted desk storage container
  • Paint the outside and create a jewelry box / keepsake box
  • Use them for crayons / legos and other toys
  • Make a Lamp / lighting project
  • Use a cigar box as creative gift wrapping
uses for cigar boxes

Cigar Box Jewelry Holder & A Very Neat Cigar Box Toolkit

  • Add a stylish handle and make a custom, unique, cigar box purse
  • Follow some simple instructions and make your own HUMIDOR
  • Need some inspiration? Check out the cool things that people on Pinterest are doing!
  • Check out the handmade uke in the photo here. 
Cigar box purses and ukeleles

Cigar box purses and A Killer Cigar Box Ukelele



Cataloging Cigar Boxes

american cigar box artworkIt’s fun to take pictures of cool looking cigar boxes… but it’s not that fun. When this site began, the idea was to make beautiful, empty cigar boxes available for sale. The cop-out method would be to sell them in batches of 10 – you pay a set price, and you get a box with 10 random cigar boxes of varying quality – some sites are doing it – not that many, but some are. The problem with this is, it’s a cop-out. It doesn’t allow people to know what they are going to get when they are buying them. I believe that people enjoy knowing a little more about the things they purchase than that method – I know that I personally do.

So, we did it…

We took individual photos of each box, and in doing so, noticed little things about them – that make them even cooler. From the little add-on pieces like brass hinges and clasps, to the Punch boxes, with their raised plastic seals, inside artwork that surprises and excites, the weight of the wood, the smells, the quality… it’s fun. It’s also a lot of work.

When the company started, it was on impulse. We went and bought the entire supply of cigar boxes from a few locations, brought them home, photographed each one, cataloging each box and learning quite a bit about the brands, where the cigars are made and having a good time.

In doing all of this, we of course encountered boxes we liked and cigar boxes that we didn’t like as much. We prefer the older style artwork and really hate some of the newer stuff – but strangely enough, the newer artwork seemed to be coupled with higher quality boxes.

I’ve clipped a couple of photos of my favorite artwork from the boxes for this article.

punch cigar box artworkIt’s been interesting to check out all the neat things that people are doing with Cigar Boxes – from building custom cigar box Ukeleles, hand pianos, guitar aplifier cigar boxes and more. We hope to hear from you about what you use your cigar boxes for. Drop us a note and photos and let us know!





Cigar Boxes as Modern Desk Accessories

cigar boxes for saleOne of my pet peeves is having pieces of mail laying around on my desk. With the wide-body, La Aroma De Cuba cigar box, I found a solution to this problem which keeps my work space clean in an elegant way. These wonderful 11 inch wide cigar boxes are covered in beautiful cigar box artwork – and they are wide enough to hold standard letters. Gone is the classic in-box I once had, replaced by this awesome “Aroma De Cuba” cigar box. Pick one up today and add some classic cigar box artwork to your desk – and put that unsightly loose mail away!

Wider boxes are great for this – but most cigar boxes will help organize your work area and help add a touch of class at the same time.

I have way too many on my desk – pictures on the way, but that’s a story that I will share soon.