We Need Links – And We’ll Add Yours Too – If You Need Links!

This message is for website owners – who want links to their websites. We are actively attempting to grow our number of visitors – and who isn’t these days. We’ll keep it short – we’re open to exchanging links – so please fill out the contact us section of the site and let us know […]

The BuyCigarBoxes.com Store is Open!

We are open again – thanks for your patience with us during our international travel. We invite you to browse our growing selection of quality cigar boxes – we also encourage you to contact us with inquiries of all types with regards to quality, used cigar boxes – as always. We specialize in providing cigar […]

How I Quit Smoking Cigarettes – For Real – And You Can Do It Too!

I was a two pack a day cigarette smoker – the worst kind too – chain smoking so often that at one point, (while a little bit buzzed from drinking), I had lit two cigarettes at once.

I started out smoking cigarettes like most other people did probably – first a few cigarettes outside my […]

An Introduction to Our Sister Company, 24tee.com

You are cordially invited to take advantage of a SPECIAL introductory offer at our partner company, 24tee.com!

24tee.com stocks a HUGE variety of hip, hot, cool and fresh apparel – We invite you to check out our fabulous selection of comfortable, high quality tee shirts for men and women – we’ve got thousands of […]

Clear Your Desk : Clear Your Mind

Alternate Title: Cigar Boxes as Desk Organizers: Clear Your Desk : Clear Your Mind

Because I spend so much time at my desk, I’ve become an expert in creating a great workspace. Keeping things organized with actually help you organize your thoughts.

Having quick access to important tools is critical. Less time wasted looking for […]

Desktop Cigar Boxes Reaching Critical Mass

One problem you run into when you’re selling cigar boxes is that it’s easy to keep falling in love with more of them. While walking through the stock room of empty cigar boxes, I find myself frequently stopping to take a closer look at the artwork, the shape of a box, it’s clasps . . […]