Customer Created this Beautiful 4 String Cigar Box Electric Guitar!


Great pictures of a 4 string electric cigar box guitar created by one of our customers L. Anderson. Very nice looking!

Freshly Made Cigar Box Kalimba

I just finished making my first Cigar Box Kalimba!

The thumb piano or kalimba is an African musical instrument, a type of plucked idiophone (lamellophone) common throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Also known as a ” sansa” and “mbira”, it is popular throughout central, western and eastern Africa.

This Cigar Box Kalimba is made from what […]

We’re Adding a LOT of Wooden Cigar Boxes Right Now

I am in the process of adding over 200 wooden cigar boxes to our store – the problem is – there’s just too many of them! So, I have made the (unfortunate,) decision that there’s just not enough time to measure each box. So here’s the deal – if you want to know the measurements […]

Announcing Auctions!

We’ve added a new section that will allow you to list and sell your items in a new online auction, right on our site – the place where people come who are looking for . . . you guessed it, Cigar Boxes!

You can register for an account here

Then list your items for […]

El Triunfador Artwork

This “El Triunfador” Cigar Box is not one of the beefiest boxes we’ve seen – in fact it’s kind of weak feeling, soft maybe . . . “light construction”, might be a good way to describe it. It’s been sitting near my desk for a while though, because the labels on box are particularly interesting […]

Keeping Up With Unexpected Demand

We are going out now to stock up on more boxes – as we were posting the latest additions, they are disappearing as fast as we are able to add them. The truth is – cataloging each box has become tedious and we will most likely be pairing new arrivals into sets that cannot be […]

Clear Your Desk : Clear Your Mind

Alternate Title: Cigar Boxes as Desk Organizers: Clear Your Desk : Clear Your Mind

Because I spend so much time at my desk, I’ve become an expert in creating a great workspace. Keeping things organized with actually help you organize your thoughts.

Having quick access to important tools is critical. Less time wasted looking for […]

Desktop Cigar Boxes Reaching Critical Mass

One problem you run into when you’re selling cigar boxes is that it’s easy to keep falling in love with more of them. While walking through the stock room of empty cigar boxes, I find myself frequently stopping to take a closer look at the artwork, the shape of a box, it’s clasps . . […]

Learning From My Mistakes

While in the process of creating this website, a couple of boxes ended up sitting on my desk – one in particular, a wooden, Punch cigar box with paper accents on the trim, found a spot underneath one of my monitors and stayed there for a few days. I found myself looking at it frequently […]

Things to do with empty cigar boxes

If you’ve got your hands on a beautiful cigar box and need some ideas for what to do with it… we’ve done that for you. It’s amazing what people come up with. Check out these ideas and also, please share your ideas with us!

B.B. King with a Cigar Box Guitar & A Cool […]