Desktop Cigar Boxes Reaching Critical Mass

One problem you run into when you’re selling cigar boxes is that it’s easy to keep falling in love with more of them. While walking through the stock room of empty cigar boxes, I find myself frequently stopping to take a closer look at the artwork, the shape of a box, it’s clasps . . the quality of the wood . . the smell . . the colors . .

The next thing I know, there’s another one on my desk.

I am having no problem finding things to put inside and for some reason, it’s so easy to remember what I put where. One for wallet, keys and watch . . . One for quick access to a knife / bottle opener, USB keychains, coughdrops. One for letters and incoming mail… outgoing mail.. another for important keepsakes… the list goes on and on.

Anyway here’s the latest picture from the workshop desk, along with a slightly sexier wooden box – my brand new (All Mahogany), Martin S-1 Ukulele!

uke with cigar boxes

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