Things to do with empty cigar boxes

If you’ve got your hands on a beautiful cigar box and need some ideas for what to do with it… we’ve done that for you. It’s amazing what people come up with. Check out these ideas and also, please share your ideas with us!

B.B. King with a Cigar Box Guitar / Cigar Box Lamp

B.B. King with a Cigar Box Guitar & A Cool Cigar Box Project Lamp

  • Make Cigar Box Guitars
  • Create your own Cigar Box Ukelele!
  • Make a Cigar Box Clock – like this guy | this guy
  • make a Cigar Box Amplifier
  • Desk storage – hold your wallet, keys, watches and more!
used cigar boxes emtpy, An Elegant Personal Belongings Cigar Box & A Chest of Cigar Box Shelves

An Elegant Personal Belongings Cigar Box & A Chest of Cigar Box Shelves

  • Pen & Pencil Holder Cigar Box
  • Use as a change holder
  • Medicine container
  • Simple storage – nails, nuts, bolts . . .
  • Letter and Mail holder Cigar Boxes – wide ones 11″ and over
cigar box drawers

Assorted Cigar Box Shelving

  • Assorted desk storage container
  • Paint the outside and create a jewelry box / keepsake box
  • Use them for crayons / legos and other toys
  • Make a Lamp / lighting project
  • Use a cigar box as creative gift wrapping
uses for cigar boxes

Cigar Box Jewelry Holder & A Very Neat Cigar Box Toolkit

  • Add a stylish handle and make a custom, unique, cigar box purse
  • Follow some simple instructions and make your own HUMIDOR
  • Need some inspiration? Check out the cool things that people on Pinterest are doing!
  • Check out the handmade uke in the photo here. 
Cigar box purses and ukeleles

Cigar box purses and A Killer Cigar Box Ukelele



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